The parents who are desirous of admitting their children to the Haji Maved Mohammed Meera Saheb Memorial English Nursery Primary or High School should make an application for admission in the prescribed form available in the office remitting the necessary fee and obtain the receipt for the same.


  • LKG: Should complete 3 years 10 months
  • UKG: Should complete 4 years 10 months.
  • Std 1: Should complete 5 years 10 months.

(If any changes from department will be accepted)

On before the 31st of May of the academic year. The last date for admission to the 1st standard is the 30th June of the academic year.

The child seeking admission to 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,8th standard may be admitted at any time during the academic year on produce of Transfer Certificate.

School Working Days:

The school functions for 5 full days and 1 half day in a week on Friday the working hours of the school and office will be as follows:

  • LKG Class: 09:00am to 12:55pm, 1:30 to 03:35pm.
  • UKG Class: 09:00am to 12:55pm, 01:30pm to 03:35pm
  • Std 1 to 10: 09:00am to 12:55pm, 01:30pm to 03:35pm
  • 09am to 11:40 Noon Friday
  • During Ramzan month school run up to 02:35pm